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We understand that life is busy, and sometimes students have to take a break from school. Whether you’ve been away for less than a year or more than five years, we’re excited that you are considering joining us again here at Mercer.

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How To Return

The length of time that you have been away from a Mercer bachelor’s degree program will determine your path to return to Mercer.

Students who have been out for less than one year:

If you were an active student within the last year, you may not need to submit a new application. Contact the Office for Student Success at to verify your current status and learn about your next steps.

Students who have been out for more than one year:

If you were an active student more than one year ago, you will be required to submit a new application. Students applying for readmission are not required to pay the $25 application fee.

For readmission to Mercer’s bachelor’s degree completion program for busy and working adults, applicants must be in good academic standing and meet program-specific requirements. See the individual academic program pages to review program-specific requirements.

Required readmission application materials include:

  • Completed application for readmission
  • High school or GED transcript (if applicable)
  • Official college transcripts of all attempted college-level work

Students who seek readmission after one year but less than five years from their initial enrollment must submit official transcripts from all institutions attended since their initial enrollment at Mercer. Students who seek readmission after five years must secure new transcripts from all previously attended institutions, including those institutions attended prior to their initial enrollment, unless those transcripts are confirmed to still be on file at the Office of the Registrar.

After we receive all of the required documents, we’ll move quickly to evaluate your application for readmission. You should receive a decision within one week.


How To Order Your Official Transcripts

For quickest delivery, Mercer prefers that you select electronic (PDF) delivery.

  1. Visit your previous or current institution’s Registrar’s Office website, and search “transcripts.”
  2. Follow the instructions for ordering your official transcript.
  3. When prompted, select Mercer University as the recipient.

Note: Mercer only accepts official transcripts sent from other institutions, either indirectly through ordering services or directly from the institution. We cannot accept any official transcripts sent from the applicant’s email. If your institution does not utilize electronic (PDF) delivery, enter: Mercer University, Office of University Admissions, 3001 Mercer University Drive, Atlanta, GA 30341.

If you have questions about the transcript request process, contact us to discuss more details.

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Office for Student Success

Mercer's Office for Student Success partners with students to map out their personalized plan to program completion and graduation. We are committed to connecting students with the resources needed to succeed. Schedule an appointment with the Office for Student Success to learn about your next steps.

Readmission Resources

As you consider returning to Mercer, we're here to help.

Transferring Credits

If you attended other institutions during your time away from Mercer, we will review your official transcripts from those institutions, and the Office of the Registrar will help determine which of your earned credits are eligible for transfer.

Tuition and Aid

We understand that completing your degree is a big financial decision, which is why at Mercer, we do everything we can to help you along the way. You may be eligible to receive multiple forms of financial aid such as outside scholarships, grants, Student Access Loans, and low-interest federal student loans.

More Resources

Learn about enrollment partnerships and pathways, distance learning, and professional licensure.
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Military Alliance

Putting our hearts in the right place.

As the state of Georgia’s first Purple Heart University, we’re proud to make it our priority to provide our veterans, military service members, and their families with exceptional, personalized assistance throughout the entire admissions and enrollment process.

Educational Benefits

Like you, we're here to serve.

We provide military-connected prospective students with a wide range of educational benefits that make it easier to earn a degree and advance their careers.

Additional Resources

Whatever path you’re taking, we have options for you.

Transient Students

Mercer University is committed to helping you achieve educational empowerment and growth - even if that means you’re just joining us for a couple of classes. If you’re a student who is currently enrolled at another regionally accredited college or university and intend to apply Mercer course credits toward your degree completion, you may be classified as a transient student. Required transient application materials include: a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, completed application for admission, and a written statement from the student's current college or university that provides approval to attend Mercer.

Non-Degree Students

Beyond our degree programs, we also offer certificates, special programs, and opportunities for professional learning and development. If you’re seeking to increase expertise in a new field or advance credentials to support job responsibilities, you may wish to complete a non-degree program and get to your goal faster. Individuals who wish to enroll in coursework without intent to complete a degree program may enroll as a non-degree student as long as they meet admission requirements.

International Students

Along with general requirements for admission into a Mercer program, international students will take additional steps.
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