BEAR Scholarship

Mercer offers a scholarship for working adult undergraduate students to assist with the purchase of books and supplies.

New students who enroll at Mercer University full-time (six hours per eight-week term) for the Fall 2019 Session II term that begins October 16, 2019, may be eligible for an annual $500 scholarship toward books and supplies. The scholarship is renewable each year the student is enrolled as a full-time working adult undergraduate student as long as all eligibility criteria are met and maintained, up to $2,000 over four consecutive academic years.


How to Earn the BEAR Scholarship:

Applicants will be automatically considered for scholarship eligibility at the point of admission; no separate application process is required for scholarship consideration.

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Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Student must be admitted and enroll as a new student for the first time at Mercer University for Fall 2019 Session II/October term. Students previously or currently enrolled prior to the Fall 2019 Session II are not eligible.
  • Student must be admitted to and enroll in a degree-seeking, working adult undergraduate program in the University’s College of Professional Advancement, Stetson School of Business and Economics, or Tift College of Education.
  • Student must be admitted to and enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in a full-time status (six hours for Fall II/October session). Non-degree programs are not eligible.
  • Student must have an entering GPA of 2.5 or greater from previous high school and/or college coursework. GPA must be validated through unofficial or official high school or college/university transcripts by the eighth week of the first term.
  • Student must maintain good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and continuous enrollment at the University to be eligible for annual scholarship renewal.
  • In order for the scholarship to be disbursed, the student must not carry an outstanding account balance when tuition and fees are due on the first day of classes. All tuition and fees charges for the current term must be covered by the first day of classes through one of the following:
    1. The student’s financial aid package (e.g., federal grants and/or loans) or
    2. Payment in full of student’s account balance. Enrollment in a payment plan does not qualify for disbursement.
  • The scholarship is not available to students who enroll at a special employer-specific tuition rate or who receive a tuition waiver.

Scholarship Disbursement:

  • Scholarship funds will be disbursed in the amount of $500 annually (once every 12 months from date of first award) and will be disbursed to the student’s Bear Card account for use toward books and supplies through the Mercer University bookstore. The bookstore has locations on the Atlanta Campus and Macon Campus and is available online anytime at
  • Students who have paid their tuition and fees charges or have pending disbursement of financial aid to cover their enrollment account balance may receive disbursement of the scholarship funds as early as 30 days prior to the beginning of the enrollment term.
  • Per University policy, Bear Card transfers are limited to $600 each semester (16 weeks) without additional documentation. Students who accept this $500 scholarship and also have a University account credit due to financial aid awarded in excess of tuition and fees charges may request an additional transfer up to $100 from available financial aid to their Bear Card for the semester in which the scholarship is awarded. If the total cost of books and supplies exceeds the $600 Bear Card transfer limit, a transfer of additional financial aid funds may be requested with supporting documentation provided by the student.
    • Alternatively, account credit from available financial aid may be eligible for disbursement as an ACH (bank account) deposit or mailed check, up to $600, to purchase books and supplies. Students who are eligible for this aid disbursement may submit a request through their student portal at the beginning of each semester.


For more information, contact the Office of University Admissions at 877.840.8599.