Tuition and Aid


Mercer University has been helping busy adults work with tight schedules, tough commutes and real budgets for more than a decade. This is especially true of our part-time programs for working adults, which are designed specifically for busy students who need flexibility

Our busy students also need top-notch programs, individual attention, a supportive community, and a well-recognized, career-building degree. That’s the value of Mercer’s programs—that’s why our students love their time with us.

At Mercer, costs vary based on the course of study and the level of study. Learn more about the cost of study. Wherever you study—whatever you study—you’ll be eligible for financial assistance if you’re enrolled for six credit hours.

Learn more about financial aid.


Tuition for undergraduate and graduate students differ. In both cases, students pay by the credit hour.
2017-18 Adult Undergraduate Tuition Rates
2017-18 Graduate Tuition Rates – Atlanta
2017-18 Graduate Tuition Rates – Macon, Douglas Co., Henry Co.

Types of Financial Aid

Nearly 90 percent of our students receive financial aid. Financial aid may include scholarships, grants, loans and part-time employment. In addition, the University offers a range of payment options.

Pell Grants

Federal need-based grants up to $5920 are available to qualified students seeking their first bachelor’s degree. Completion of the FAFSA serves as application for the Pell Grant.

HOPE Scholarships

Georgia Residents who have a cumulative 3.0 HOPE GPA at the end of the term in which 30, 60 or 90 semester hours are attempted may qualify for a HOPE Scholarship. Full-time students receive $2028 per semester and part-time students receive $1014 per semester. A HOPE Scholarship Eligibility Review is performed for all students once they have been fully admitted to the University.

Georgia Tuition Equalization Grants

Full-time, degree-seeking students who are Georgia residents may qualify for a Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant. The maximum annual award is expected to be $950.

Back to School Scholarship for Women

Female students may compete for the $1000 Back to School Scholarship for Women if they are at least twenty-five years of age, in good academic standing, enrolled for a minimum of six hours per semester and are not Pell Grant eligible. Applicants must submit an essay concerning their personal pursuit of a college degree. Applications are available here.

Student Loans

Low interest rate need based and non-need based loans are available to students who enroll at least half-time (six hours). The maximum amount that students may borrow per academic year is $5500 for freshmen, $6500 for sophomores, and $7500 for juniors and seniors. If you meet certain criteria set forth by the government, you may qualify as an independent student, and may be eligible to borrow an additional $4000 or $5000. Students are not required to repay the principal portion of their student loans until six months after they graduate, withdraw from school, or drop to less than half-time enrollment. Repayment of the interest depends on the type of student loan awarded. To apply for a student loan, students should complete a FAFSA.

Student Access Loans

1% interest loans issued by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Additional program information and applications are available online at

Work Study

A limited number of part-time employment opportunities are available to students who are interested in working on campus or in a community service job off-campus. Students must demonstrate financial need per the FAFSA in order to be eligible for the Work Study program. Interested students should contact their Center Coordinator regarding employment opportunities.

Additional Information

You can also see the Regional Academic Center financial planning website for additional eligibility requirements and information regarding each type of financial assistance.

Payment Options

The Mercer University Bursar’s Office accepts cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards for payment of tuition and fees. Credit card payments may be made online through the student’s MyMercer account. Payment plans are available for students who prefer to spread out payment of direct charges over multiple months. Employer tuition assistance plans and third-party billing are also available. Contact the Office of the Bursar for more information about billing and payment options and plans.