Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average age of your students?

The Regional Academic Center programs are designed for working adults. With that in mind, Center students tend to be in their mid-to-late thirties.

What is required to complete an undergraduate application file?

A completed application and official transcripts of all college work attempted. If an applicant has not completed any college work prior to applying to Mercer or has attempted less than 30 hours of college work, a high school or GED transcript is required.

What type of academic calendar does Mercer follow?

The Regional Academic Centers run on a semester system, but there are two eight week sessions within each semester. Individual classes meet once a week for the eight week session. The PMBA and EMBA are set up on a different schedule in a cohort format.

When are classes offered?

Most classes are held between Monday and Thursday in the evenings. There are some Friday, Saturday, and online classes available.

Can I take all of my classes online?

Mercer offers many online and hybrid classes.

What course load may I take at the Regional Academic Centers?

During the first semester that a student is enrolled at Mercer, they are allowed to take 12 course hours. After successful completion of the first semester, a student is allowed to increase the course load under the guidance of an academic adviser. Graduate programs may have different course loads.

Will my previous college work transfer to Mercer?

Upon being admitted to Mercer, an applicant’s official transcripts are sent to the University Registrar for review. The Registrar’s office works to allow a student all possible transfer credits. The general policy outlines the following stipulations for transferring class credit:

a. the transferring school must be accredited;

b. the student must have earned a ‘C’ or better grade; and,

c. Mercer must offer a course equivalent.

The Registrar may also grant college credit to those who have military experience and can provide either a copy of their DD214 or military smart transcript.

Is there any testing that I will have to complete before enrolling?

The Regional Academic Centers ask that each student, except those already holding a bachelor’s degree, complete three assessment tests. The first two tests are multiple choice tests based on math and reading skills. The third test requires an applicant to write a five paragraph essay on a question of their choice. These tests do not affect an admission decision. They are designed to help faculty advisers assess what classes will be most appropriate for each student to take.

May I apply for financial assistance?

Financial assistance is offered on a case-by-case basis. To find out more, please visit l the Regional Academic Centers Financial Aid office or call 1-800-392-2830. For students in the BBA program on the Atlanta campus, visit the Atlanta Campus Office of Student Financial Planning.

Will I qualify for student health insurance?

As a student of Mercer, you can find out more about student health insurance by visiting the Pearce & Pearce website or by calling 1-888-622-6001.

Why do I have to provide immunization records?

Mercer’s immunization policy is a University policy and not an admissions policy. It is designed for the safety of our students. If immunization records are not released to Mercer before the start of your first semester, you will need to provide them before the end of you first session or it will affect your future enrollment.