Certificate Programs

Teacher Certification

Early Childhood/Special Education

The Teacher Certification - Early Childhood/Special Education program at Mercer University follows an integrated, technologically enhanced curriculum. The candidate will experience varied field and life experiences within the culture of diverse school and community populations. Having completed this program of study, the candidate will become a transforming practitioner and a reflective professional who advocates for the needs and rights of the young child, while collaborating and establishing partnerships with parents, schools and communities.

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Middle Grades Education

The Teacher Certification - Middle Grades Education program prepares middle level educators to be transforming practitioners who mentor the transformation of middle level students, a group of unique and diverse individuals transitioning from childhood to adolescence. Candidates in the program are prepared in general studies, professional and pedagogical studies, and content studies, which include two subject area concentrations. Completion of this program qualifies candidates for Middle Grades Certification in the two areas of concentration.

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Educational Leadership Certification-Only Program

The Educational Leadership certification program prepares students to become eligible for leadership certification through either the Tier One M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Tier Two Ed.S. in Educational Leadership programs. The program is designed to prepare P12 education students to assume leadership roles in schools by increasing their instructional and leadership skills.

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Health Informatics

The Health Informatics certificate program prepares students to become leaders in the healthcare industry. Specifically designed for graduate students, the Health Informatics certificate program will teach students to explore various health and support systems, utilize technology and provide an understanding of healthcare management. 

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Public Safety - Public Safety Leadership Institute (PSLI)

The Public Safety Leadership Institute (PSLI) is a certificate program designed to examine current leadership models and practices, and to create an awareness of the knowledge, skills and attributes of a successful leader in the public safety environment. The PSLI is specifically designed for public safety leaders, as well as individuals who desire to advance to leadership positions in municipal, county, state, and federal agencies representing law enforcement, fire departments, emergency management, emergency medical services, emergency communications, corrections, juvenile justice, parole, probation, court systems including investigative units, and enforcement/security units within state and federal agencies.

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Substance Abuse (Addictions Counseling)

Providing addiction counseling does not require a master's degree. Penfield College offers a Substance Abuse Addiction Counselor Certification program that will help you pass the addiction counselor exam. The modules are training for the Certification Addiction Counselor I (CAC I) and Certification Addiction Counselor II (CAC II) credentials and do not require a masters degree. In addition, we have a Substance Abuse Counseling track in the Master's program and it leads to MAC and CAC I CAC II.

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Executive Leadership

This module identifies the type of leadership that is required to create and maintain high levels of performance in organizations. Participants will examine these concepts from an individual, interpersonal, group, and organizational point of view. Participants will have a better understanding of their own leadership style, and will be encouraged to develop a personal leadership development plan.

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Professional Certificate in Rehabilitation Services

Developed in partnership with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, this certificate program prepares rehabilitation counseling professionals to empower adolescent clients with disabilities to begin the process of creating their individual career paths through increased confidence and vocational exploration.This certificate program is currently only offered to employees of the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.

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